Tiffany Lovato

Tiffany Lovato

Tiffany is from the tribal nation of Kewa Pueblo (aka Santo Domingo Pueblo) and is descended from the Ancestral Puebloans. She comes from the Pumpkin clan. True to her clan roots, she loves eating pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie. The love of her people, our Earth Mother, and the interconnectedness of all its inhabitants has led her to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, permaculture design certification, and Indigenous Sustainable Food Systems Design certification. Her story is woven with threads of reconnection, continuance, and healing through food sovereignty, ethnobotany, ecological knowledge, and Indigeneity. She is honored to be an advisor to the Mink River Film.

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Annie Haven McDonnell ~ Associate Professor of English, Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico
Elsa Stavney and Eric Vines ~ Owners of Glitzmo LLC, Oregon