Alisabeth Brown

Alisabeth Brown
Story Consultant/Designer

Artist Alisabeth Brown is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and grew up in Los Angeles and New York City. Her work includes film, dance, and sculpture. Modern dance formed her early years as an artist; she began studying at age 5 and continued a rigorous practice for over 16 years.Although she had serious aspirations to make dance her life's work, she did not feel at home within the narrowly defined criteria for "fitting into"the predominantly white institutions. Her love of honing technique with the freedom that her foundation of dance afforded her, is similar to her relationship to materials and conceptual ideas in that she prioritizes experimentation and exploration with all of her projects. Over the past 30 years, she has been working in ceramics and more recently in kiln-formed glass. Her biomorphic clay sculptures conjure oceanic memory-- a continuous conversation in a forgotten language between worlds. Alisabeth's glass work is infused with multi-layers of color and transparencies, a dynamic movement of light and form that rouses a mysterious blending of the past with the present.  

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Additional Advisors

Annie Haven McDonnell ~ Associate Professor of English, Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico
Elsa Stavney and Eric Vines ~ Owners of Glitzmo LLC, Oregon